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Movie Theater locations across the United States

All over the United States there are movie theaters placed to help entertain the American consumer. Each state has multiple theaters located in their metropolitan cities. Choose your state below to find a movie theater near you.

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There are many ways you can save money on tickets at the movie theater.

  • Use discounted movie ticket sites and drive-ins to get exclusive deals. You can also find promo codes and hacks that can get you free movie tickets. With resources, you can find many ways to pay less at the box office.
  • With some online deals, you can get cheap and discounted movie tickets, to totally free tickets and everything in between.
  • There are sites and methods work that for a variety of different needs. Try several out and see which one works best for you.
  • Use cashback sites such as eBates whenever you shop online. Instead of going straight to the theater website, go to eBates, and search for your theater. Once you find it, you visit the theater’s website from there.
  • The theaters pay the online cashback sites a commission every time someone who comes from there buys a ticket. They then share some of that commission with you (the shopper) in the form of cashback. You may not get the ticket any cheaper, but the cashback you earn means at the end of the day you spend less money.
  • Sometimes cash back sites get exclusive deals and coupon codes just to share with their members. So you can also save a little that way.
  • Most theaters show upcoming movies to a select group of audience for free before the movie gets released to the general public. This happens mostly in major cities.
  • Attending movie screenings is a great way to get the ultimate movie ticket deal.