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Welcome to Latest Movie Releases.

Here we summarize, review, and help you decide on movies that are out right now, or coming soon to theaters.  We discuss current theatrical releases as well as future movie releases. We also feature special offers on movie tickets, theater discounts, and concessions.

If you enjoy a good movie, and like to be entertained, latest movie releases are always at your fingertips.  Whether you prefer horror movies, dramas, romantic comedies, films or suspenseful thrillers, you should be able to find the current news on films that are playing now, and buy movie tickets online.

Finding latest movie releases and upcoming movie premieres used to be a hassle. First you had to use the phonebook and look up movie theaters. Then you had to call each of them to find out which films they were currently showing and listen carefully to the times each film was playing. Naturally, this process would be annoying. First, the call lines would sometimes be busy on weekends, second , if you missed what the recording said in regards to a certain time, you had to listen to the entire call all over again. In this modern day of Internet and computer convenience, however, that whole routine is now unnecessary.

Now online movie websites offer a one stop place to see trailers, movie clips, and buy tickets online. They often times have rewards programs (especially the theater sites like AMC and Cinemark) which can help you earn free movies by buying movie tickets online. One can also win movie memorabilia with the rewards program. They have news about the latest movie releases and offer movie trailers that can help you decide which movie to go and watch. The customer can then purchase the movie tickets online. They also offer gift cards for your family and friends.

Aside from knowing which movies are now playing, you’ll more than likely want to view a few trailers to better understand the film options. Since we’re most likely going to spend money on theater tickets and concessions, we may as well get our money’s worth and see a preview of exactly what we will be viewing.

Going to the movies can cost a pretty penny nowadays. Factoring in kids, concessions and rising ticket prices, heading to the movie theater can be a serious hit to the wallet. But there are latest movie releases so epically awesome, you simply can’t wait to watch them on dvd just to save money. So whether taking the entire family out for a night at the movies, or planning to hit the theaters alone, knowing where to get the best movie ticket deals can help take some of the financial strain off seeing new releases.

If you are more of a home movie viewer, we also feature upcoming movies to be released on dvd and streaming. The dvd and streaming medium has provided a whole new dimension in home entertainment. We feature trailers, reviews, and more for dvd and streaming movies as well.

At our site, we feature upcoming movie trailers, and overall critic reviews. With the help of our sponsors, make your decision for your next movie night here.